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Bio Updated: My biographical data has been updated.

posted by Jeff Quinton at 12:27


More Genealogy: After doing a good bit of research over the weekend, I have discovered that former Chief Justice John Marshall is my second cousin, seven times removed. Marshall and Thomas Jefferson were second cousins, but I have yet to link that into my family tree. For more information, see my ancestry index and my family tree.

posted by Jeff Quinton at 17:30



For those of you who might be doing genealogical research, I will detail some of my ancestral information so some information can be shared or traded.

On the paternal side of my family, the major surname involved besides Quinton is McGee. I still need to do further research to come up with other family names on that side of the family.

The main names on the maternal side of my family are Camp, Bass, Killian and Campbell.

posted by Jeff Quinton at 17:02